How to Cultivate Curiosity with Cheryl Bastian – ETB #61

We enter life curious. We wonder about the world around us, but as the years unfold that natural curiosity for life and learning can fade. So, how can we cultivate curiosity in our children?

How to Cultivate Curiosity with Cheryl Bastian - ETB #61

In this episode, Connie talks with Cheryl Bastian about how to cultivate curiosity in our children.

How do you remain steadfast?

  • Be flexible
  • Foster conversation
  • Be specific
  • Be inviting
  • Let go of our expectations

How to become a student of your child?

  • Be willing to change
  • Listen and discern
  • Show interest
  • Get on their level

Observe what they spend time doing?

  • Focus on the clues they give by watching them
  • Note what excite them
  • Give margin in your day for discovery

Curiosity fuels learning. Therefore, we must be intentional to cultivate our child’s natural curiosity throughout their childhood. Don’t let the daily schedule keep them from exploring the world of possibilities.

“Our family is a learning family. We’re in this together.” – Cheryl Bastian

About Cheryl Bastian

Cheryl’s home education journey spans twenty-seven years with eight children, ages thirty-one to five. Her vast experiences allow her to journey alongside families at many stages of learning. As an author and speaker, Cheryl encourages parents to be intentional, real, and relational as they raise life-long learners. Her resources are available at

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How to Cultivate Curiosity with Cheryl Bastian - ETB #61