Who Are You Following?

Who are you following in your life. Let God take the wheel and drive your life. ConnieAlbers.com

With the litany of voices all wanting to be heard, it behooves me to ask, who do you listen to?  This is worthy of consideration.  The person you allow to speak into your life may have a lasting impact on how you think about or live life.

So why would this matter?  Well, if you are being influenced by someone else’s calling, you run the risk of living someone else’s life and not hearing the unique plans God has for you.

This leads me to ask yet another question: who should you be getting advice from?  The person who talks about doing something, a person who has once done something, or the person who has consistently done something and has a record of success.  I say the later.  You may still choose to spend time with those from the former categories, but those are the folks who have yet to prove if their ways will workout as planned.

The list of who knows how to raise children, or be married, or run businesses is quite long.  This can be seen in book stores and by searching for ebooks.  Personally, I was always reading how to be better at whatever I was doing at the time.  That is what you typically do when you desire to accomplish something.

While that can be a good thing, God does tell us to be careful who we listen to.  If God thought it was important enough to be mentioned, then it is important to listen and understand what He means.

God commands parents to teach their children.  In order to do this parents have to know what it is they are teaching them.  Parents are always modeling and teaching their children.  This can be by design or by default.  Either way, learning is taking place.

The wise parent will seek out those who have gone the distance and have lived out what they espouse; the same is true for your children.  If your children see you seek Godly counsel for important matters, your children will emulate that as well.

Don’t be lead astray by others methods without first seeking the true architect.  If what you’re hearing causes you to question its validity or doesn’t line up with God’s Word, then let it go in one ear and out the other.

God knows the plans He has for you, they are for good and not evil.  Spend time studying God’s word and praying for direction.  Listen to those who you have seen the fruit of their work.  He will not leave you without direction.