Unity Can Be Achieved

Unity between family, friends, and spouses can be achieved when we put our faith in God. Christian living encouragement from ConnieAlbers.com

Why can’t we all just get along?  That’s a question I’m sure we’ve all wrestled with time and time again.  Well, truth is, we can!  God provided the greatest model for us through is His Son, and when we take a look at how Christ lived and worked among the people you will see common characteristics. 

 So exactly how do we go about obtaining unity? By practicing these 3 principles.  

  1. Remember the common goal. Understanding there is a common goal allows us to focus on what we are really trying to accomplish, not on who came up the solution.  By outlining what the real goal is helps everyone involved in the decision making process. It is also important to create the mindset of one team trying to get something done. Not two teams competing against each other. Once the later takes hold hard feelings and togetherness are lost.
  2. Listen to others. When we purpose to put others first we tend to listen more to their ideas. This shows respect and value to them. In dealing with situations we tend to think our approach is the best. Why? That’s easy, because it make sense to us. That in turn, causes us to forget others might come up with a different solution or even have a better plan.
  3. Be slow to speak. This one is crucial. It is really the key to unity. In scripture we are reminded a wise man holds his tongue but a fool blurts out. By simply holding your tongue provides time to process the information being shared. When passion, knowledge and insight are bubbling inside we naturally want to speak out, but if not properly filtered that wisdom can fall on deaf ears. Making the distinction between exchanging ideas and deflating or attacking others can also play a role in how information is shared and received.

Next time you have to work together if you remember the common goal first, listen to others second, and be slow to speak third you will come up with a workable plan that doesn’t leave a wake of destruction. 

Jesus practiced these principles throughout his life. He pursued wisdom and relationships. These serve as examples for us to follow. 

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