The Moment

The Moment when two lives become one. Christian marriage encouragement from

It’s always fun putting together a wedding: the excitement & anticipation of this day, the preparation, the nerves as the couple scurries about finalizing all the details.

Then all at once the music begins; it’s time.  A sense of calmness overcomes the nerves.  The groom enters, and his face is so expressive.  There is a longing to see his bride as he shifts his weight from side to side, trying to remember not to put his hands in his pockets.

The music changes, and the bride is just waiting for that moment.  The moment they both have been waiting for for a long time.

Suddenly, the doors open while the guests rise in honor of the bride.

She enters the room, stunning, and headed straight toward her groom.  The glow that radiates from her makes all observers smile.

Dad is holding back the tears, knowing he is giving his precious daughter away to a man, that was instructed, rather sternly, to take good care of his little girl.  He realizes he will no longer be charged with protecting and providing for his sweet princess.  In just a few minutes, that transition will take place.  The emotions run high.  She is going to something, he is having to let go, and we are all watching this unfold.

That’s when my attention turns to watch the groom.  I don’t know if there is ever a moment quite like it.  His beaming smile and teary eyes… I just delight in seeing that moment between the couple.  So real, intimate and priceless.  For in that moment no one else is exists.

As she walks down the aisle her eyes barely leave his.  Locked on every expression that he makes.

Their hands touch.  Another wave of calmness is felt across the place.

The guests are trying to figure out what they are saying to each other.  Heads move side to side hoping to read their lips.

He tells her how beautiful she looks and how much he loves her.  She tears up as if he has just affirmed her very existence.  Words spoken, at that moment, are etched in her heart.  She will replay them in her mind a thousand times.

Then as the ceremony begins, the crowd listens as the happy couple exchange their vows of commitment before The Lord, their family and dear friends.

Prayers, communion, unity sand and candles are all powerful symbols of leaving and cleaving to each other.

Oh, the honor of witnessing two people becoming one and beginning a new family, prepared to tackle the world and all its challenges together.

Ah, the significance of this moment.

As the years pass by and children come and go, where will you find yourself?   Prayerfully, still excited at the days ahead?  Lovingly looking at the person who anxiously waited for you on that day many years ago?  The person that stood with you before the Lord.  The person you promised, “till death do us part”.