Teaching Kids to Serve with Samaritan’s Purse – ETB #136

In episode #134, I told you that teaching kids to serve is a great way to help manage the impacts of stress. I mentioned the recent devastation in southwest Florida from Hurricane Ian and that Samaritan’s Purse is an excellent ministry to give money to or to partner with for serving in person in a disaster area. This week, Shannon Dailley from Samaritan’s Purse joins me to talk about the work that ministry is doing in Florida and around the world.

Teaching Kids to Serve with Samaritan's Purse - ETB #136

Shannon and I discuss the kinds of work that Samaritan’s Purse does in disaster areas around the world. We also talk about how families can get involved together and how impactful that can be for kids for the rest of their lives. Shannon describes what volunteer day looks like starting with breakfast and devotions through volunteering for and ministering to a homeowner.

*Please note that volunteers with Samaritan’s Purse must be at least 14 years of age due to the nature of the work and proximity to heavy equipment.*

Hurricane Ian Service Opportunities

Samaritan’s Purse is responding to Hurricane Ian’s destruction in three locations in southwest Florida: Fort Myers, Englewood, and Punta Gorda. The North Carolina-based international Christian relief and evangelism organization has mobilized more than 880 volunteers from 26 states with another 2,500 on the way. In just the first six days of work on the ground, Samaritan’s Purse has already received more than 1,800 requests for help. As of today, more than 80 families have been served so far with a large volunteer turnout expected across all three locations in the coming weeks.

If you are local to these areas of southwest Florida and would like to serve as a day volunteer, please contact the local volunteer numbers for more information:

Fort Myers, FL (DR 6)

  • Citygate Ministries – 1735 Jackson Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901
  • Pastor: David and Michele Pleasant
  • Volunteer Phone: 239-944-0120
  • Staff: Chandler Saylors, Jacob Rutz, Rachael Miller & Jeff Bradbury
  • Day Volunteers Check-In: 7:30am and 12:30pm

Punta Gorda, FL (DR 7)

  • New Life Church: 507 W Marion Ave, Punta Gorda, FL 33950
  • Pastor: Mike Loomis
  • Volunteer Phone: 941-290-8650
  • Staff: Shannon Daley, Jodie Yoder & Phil Engel
  • Day Volunteers Check-In: 7:30am and 12:30pm

Englewood, FL (DR 8)

  • Calvary Baptist Church: 75 Pine Street, Englewood, FL 34223
  • Pastor: John & Darla Boutchia
  • Volunteer Phone: 941-290-8528
  • Staff: John Schultz, Jaime Keoshian & Nate Smith
  • Day Volunteers Check-In: 7:30am and 12:30pm

If you are a homeowner in need of assistance in one of these affected areas, please contact Samaritan’s Purse using the corresponding local homeowner assistance phone numbers:

  • For those in need of assistance in Fort Myers, please call: (239) 944-0119
  • For those in need of assistance in Punta Gorda, please call: 941-290-8648
  • For those in need of assistance in Englewood, please call: (941) 290-8527

Other Ways to Serve

What other ways can you think of to serve those affected by Hurricane Ian? What could you do with younger kids? What can you give away or sell that could be needed in this area right now?

If you’re a displaced southwest FL resident looking for long-term or transitional housing, my podcast producer has a motorhome (with generator) that sleeps 6-9 for sale. Get more details here.

About Shannon Dailley from Samaritan’s Purse

Shannon Dailley is a regional program manager with Samaritan’s Purse US Disaster Relief. She began working with Samaritan’s Purse 11 years ago as a volunteer during Hurricane Katrina and has now been on staff for over 6 years. She and Samaritan’s Purse work with local churches to mobilize volunteers and assist homeowners when a disaster hits.

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Teaching Kids to Serve with Samaritan\'s Purse - ETB #136