Teach Your Children Well

Teach your children well. This statement is something a parent hears many times. I sure did. When you are in the middle of raising children, building a family and managing a busy life it is hard to know if what you are focused on is really going to matter. Or if you are doing it well.

Teach your children well and you will reap the rewards for years to come. Christian motherhood encouragement from ConnieAlbers.com

For years, we trained our children important life skills, to know and love God, and to rely on family.  We encourage them to learn God’s Word and to be encouraged by His faithfulness.  We were discouraged when we saw little or no fruit. But, we continued on and waited.

Periodically we saw glimmers of hope.  Sometimes we wondered when this truth would take root and “become their own.”  And then, one day, our children bless us beyond belief with their faith and wisdom.  It may take till they reach their twenties, but don’t lose heart if your teen isn’t behaving the way you raised them to be.

“Love your children unconditionally. Maintain the relationship as your teen transitions into adulthood.”@connielalbers

On a day when I needed it the most I received a text from my one of my daughters.  I cried at the truth and love it offered my soul.  I cried at the thought of God’s beauty and faithfulness in how He answers our prayer.  I cried because my daughter ministered to my soul that day. That was a moment I had longed for.  I have no greater joy than to know my children walk in truth.

If you are in the training season of life, keep in the end in mind. Let that be what keeps you going day in and day out.

Be encouraged today, fellow sojourner.  Don’t give up, keep praying.  He is faithful.