How to Win Over Worry with Keri Eichberger – ETB #177

Do you worry? Seems like every time you turn around, there’s another headline that strikes fear and causes worry these days. What about your kids? Do you worry about them? Do you worry you will ruin them? Do you worry about the things they will have to face? What can you do about worry? Well, Keri Eichberger is with me in this episode to talk about these big issues surrounding worry. Keri offers encouraging insights and reminds us of the power of God’s truth in conquering worry and finding peace in all seasons of life. You can win over worry!

How to Win Over Worry with Keri Eichberger - ETB #177

In this episode, Keri and I discuss:

  • Keri’s family dynamics with five children and how that lends itself to an environment of worrying
  • How you can help someone if you are just one step ahead of them
  • The distinction between genuine concern and worry
  • Understanding the root fears behind worry, which often include a fear of helplessness and a fear of being unloved or unworthy
  • Understanding God’s unconditional love and his power
  • Overcoming worry by seeking God’s truth, turning to prayer, embracing community, studying the Bible, and other spiritual practices
  • Acknowledging that some individuals may be more predisposed to worry due to their wiring, but still emphasizing the same things work for those people
  • Keri’s example of a fear of flying and trusting God

Worry is common and we all face it. But, worry is not from God and you can overcome it through the power of God who lives in you!

About Keri Eichberger

Keri Eichberger lives just outside of Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband Mike and their five kids. Her own roller coaster of life trials, redeemed by a relationship with the Lord, fueled her desire to help others discover and experience the fullness of life found in Jesus. After years of writing for an online audience, she became ordained through Southeast
Christian Church, giving her life to full-time ministry. She continues to follow her calling to bring faith-filled encouragement to others around the world through her social media influence, devotionals, Faith Fueled podcast,
and Christian nonfiction books.

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How to Win Over Worry with Keri Eichberger - ETB #177