How to Move Forward with New Leadership – ETB #46

Do you feel like 2021 started rough? Does it feel overwhelming? Are you unsure of how to move forward with new leadership? Or are you eager to see God work in your family?

How to Move Forward with New Leadership - ETB #46

People are passionate about what they believe. And when power shifts from one party to another people become uncertain. Where ever you find yourself, I encourage you to look for ways to move forward with new leadership by exploring the possibilities before you.

Life is full of change. Who occupies leadership positions does not have to limit us in pursuing truth or the path set before you.

In this episode, I will discuss what you can do when new leadership comes into power.

The Benefits of Prayer

  • Prayer settles our hearts!
  • Prayer gives us protection.
  • Prayer gives us hope.
  • Prayer gives you stability.
  • Prayer provides joy in our hearts.

Trying times have a way of driving us to our knees in prayer. It’s during struggles that we see our limitations and weaknesses. But, prayer changes us.

When we pray without ceasing, we experience joy, hope, confidence, protection, stability, and guidance. Our prayers also serve as a model for our children. They are watching and listening. They witness a calmness come over you. They hear hopefulness in our voice. They observe perseverance and resilience, not worry and fear.

Remind your children that our hope is not in a political party, a president, or an administration. Our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our children learn this by example.

How do we lead our children through this season?

  • Understand their world
  • Understand how they process information
  • Listen to their thoughts and let them talk
  • Understand their fears

Throughout history, families have faced challenges. Administrations come and go. Each one brings a new set of ideals. Both sides vigorously debate them. Depending on which side your beliefs align with will impact the conversations you have with your children. As you lead your children through the changes that will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months, your instruction will help your child form an opinion. They will also learn how to debate and persuade their peers. No doubt we are a nation divided. Deeply divided. Leading your children equips them with the skills needed to navigate various encounters they will come across.

How do we prepare for all the changes?

  • Be resilient. God has equipped you to bounce back.
  • Be diligent. Remember, God tells us not to grow weary in well-doing. God is at work in the hearts of His people.
  • Be vigilant. You have an assignment from the Lord. Don’t get distracted by the turmoil around you.

We can’t change others by yelling, name-calling, or marginalizing. We have to teach civility to our children by our example. Our mission is to be a light in a dark world! Our example of praying, not worrying makes a difference.

To give our children the tools they need to navigate this world requires discernment. Know your limits so you can live life well.

Moving forward with the new leadership is accomplished when we stay in God’s Word and pray for our family and others.


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How to Move Forward with New Leadership - ETB #46