How to Get Through Trials – ETB #129

I’ve recently come through a very difficult season in my life. Trial after trial kept coming. I couldn’t get through most days without at least a few tears or without feeling exhausted. For me, this season carried a lot of death and painful losses. For you, maybe it’s saying goodbye to someone you love, a financial situation, or a wayward child. How do you get through trials?

How to Get Through Trials - ETB #129

In my 20s, I was full of hope and expectations. My 30s were much of the same, running towards my goals for my life. But trials hit us all at some point in life. I wrote an article on this topic of trials recently in the Homeschooling Today Magazine. I shared how when we’re in the midst of trials, it’s easy to get discouraged and frustrated. It’s hard when we can’t accomplish what we’re used to accomplishing!

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How do you survive these times of trial? I have some suggestions and encouragement for you!

Ways to Get Through Trials

Give Yourself Grace

First, give yourself grace. You’re not likely going to be able to perform at the level you’re used to, especially if you’re a very driven person like me. Plates will wobble and fall in this season. It’s ok. Be honest with yourself as you take stock of what you can and cannot do in this season. The world around you isn’t going to stop and it’s easy to become discouraged.

Visualize the Way Through

There is a difference between being in the dark, knowing that God is in control, and living in the darkness. Take hold of your thoughts. Picture something different. Visualize how you will get through, how you will move forward, and take a baby step forward.

Find Comfort and Rest

Find something that brings you comfort and rest. Look for the little things. Words from Scripture. Your morning cup of coffee. A hot bath. Sitting still for a few minutes.

Lean on Your Friends

Find friends you can count on. Friends are not there to be your therapist. They may give you nuggets of wisdom from time to time, but they play a different role in our lives. Cling to them as they walk beside you. They are there to have coffee and have fun with you. Let your friends help you find joy, even if just momentary joy.

Sit in the Solitude

Remember that trials require a fair amount of solitude too. You need that quiet time to listen to the voice of the Lord. Ponder Scripture. Sit alone and let Him work in you. Allow Him to show you what you need to learn from the trials.

Determine to Be Resilient

Be resilient. This doesn’t mean pretending that your trial isn’t happening. It means not allowing yourself to get stuck. But, also recognize that trials take a larger toll on you as your get older and you might be slower to bounce back. Make the decision to keep pushing through and you will eventually find solid ground again.

God is Growing You Through Trials!

Trials help us develop a strength we never could have found on our own. God uses them to grow and stretch us. He shapes using trials. Trials make us better ambassadors for God. They allow us to learn compassion or empathy we would not otherwise have had. It’s hard to really walk with someone through a trial you yourself haven’t experienced. I’m so thankful that God’s mercies are new every day! Embrace those trials!

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How to Get Through Trials - ETB #129