Help for Struggling Learners

There is help available for your struggling learner. Discover the resources that you need to help and advocate for your child.

When you see your child struggle with learning, you may not know what to do or where to go.

I remember the day I realized I needed help for one of my children.  The fear of my own inadequacy flooded my mind: was it me, did I use the wrong curriculum, was I to pushy or not pushy enough?  Once I began researching, I discovered there were people who could help.

One place I found is Learn To Learn in Ocoee, FL.  After a visit to their center for a personal tour, I quickly knew this was a place to point parents seeking help, without going through the public school system.  This company has the credentials needed to assist parents as they homeschool their children.

Learn To Learn is not a tutoring service.  They are brain development experts, with a focus on “wiring up” the brain so it is ready to learn.  Understanding the brain and the circuitry needed to learn, coupled with knowledge of why some children struggle with learning is what Dr. James Fadigan, founder of Learn To Learn, has spent decades researching.

Building upon the research of others has led to the development of many tools designed to enhance the ability to learn at brain level.  After I met with this team, I asked for feedback from personal friends, whose children went through the program; it did not surprise me to hear how much improvement they saw.  At that point, I knew this was important information to share with you as well.  Not to mention the fact, they are offering special discounts to the homeschooling community for certain services.

Another point you must understand, is Learn To Learn is not a skills assessment program either. Their focus is to help your children connect the brain circuitry so the child is able to engage in the learning process. Once brain connections are made skills such as math, science, reading and writing will improve.

The goal is to notice dramatic, permanent improvement in your child’s approach to everyday learning situations, resulting in reduced frustrations and increased confidence with an overall improvement in the quality of life for your child and increased chances for future success.

Not only was my own experience with a struggling learner difficult to navigate, others have shared similar feelings of inadequacy as well.  This may be the help your child needs.  To learn more about them you can visit their website Learn To Learn or contact them for pricing at [email protected].  Don’t forget to identify yourself as a homeschooler.