Casting The Vision For A New Year

A new year! One of my favorite things about beginning a new year, is the chance for a fresh start. A time to reflect on the past and begin casting a vision for a new year. This allows you to look forward to what the next year might bring.

Casting a vision for the New Year that is inline with your Christian faith and family priorities.

New Year’s resolutions abound every January.  Do you make any?  I’ve been known to make, and break, a few!

Many resolutions focus on something we can do better, whether it’s losing weight, eating healthier, making more money, or having a better outlook on life.

Instead of focusing solely on what I can improve upon, our family would  focus on where we are as a family and where would we like to be in the future. With an emphasis on relationships within the family unit.

This is the perfect time of year to cast a vision for the future of our family.  It would begin with me writing down areas I felt we were struggled with personally, sibling conflicts, and attitude issues. Then I’d ask my family, “What do we want our family to look like in 5, 10 or 20 years?”  During this time we allowed time to just sit, talk, and dream about that. Over the years the way we have done this has changed, the kids have grown, and life demands increased. But, the vision of our family remained consistent. We wanted to build a close family that loved spending time together, had a heart for the Lord, and their community.

If you have been wondering how to cast a vision for your family and want to include them into the process these sample questions might be just what you need to help you start thinking about the future of your family. As I have learned, these years go by so quickly and if you don’t have a plan it makes getting there a lot harder.

How you can cast a vision for your New Year and your family

These are just to get you thinking:

  • What are some goals you want to achieve personally and as a family?
  • What can you do today to help your family achieve those goals?
  • What path do you see your children going down in their future?
  • How can you help support and encourage them along the way?
  • What strengths can you help them identify?
  • What weaknesses can you help them manage?

Casting a vision is really expectation management, and managing expectations helps us make better choices, so we can achieve the goals we’ve set and follow the paths that we’ve dreamed.  While we can help cast a vision for our children and for ourselves about many aspects of our lives, the start of a new year is the perfect time to dream of the future and set some goals for turning those dreams into realities.

I will be sharing more about casting a vision in many areas of our children’s lives, including friendships, future spouses, and school activities, and in my upcoming book.

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And please, let me know in the comments about some of your family’s dreams and goals!


Building a close family begins with a vision.