A Wise Woman Considers

A wise woman carefully considers what God wants for her life. ConnieAlbers.com

When I read about the Proverbs 31 woman I see a life well lived. For many women, they interpret this passage as something that must be done all in one day or season.  Truth is, this describes a woman’s life in totality… not a day.

Let’s begin by defining “consider.”

: to think about carefully in order to make a wise choice or decision

: to take into account to gaze on reflectively

: come to judge or classify

There are, however, key principles a wise woman practices on a daily basis.  She… (more…)

Uniquely Female

You are uniquely female. Discover God's truth about femininity, modesty, and motherhood. ConnieAlbers.com

Women (like yourself, I presume) have always had to juggle many titles and positions.  The various roles we must fill, if not guarded and balanced, can cause us to lose a sense of who we are at our core: uniquely female.  Moms who choose to homeschool, a unique role indeed, often run a greater risk of allowing themselves to be defined by what they do and at times are subjected to scrutiny by peers, friends, and even family.

During the different seasons of my life, there have been five things that have helped ensure I remain the woman I was created to be:

  • Be Intentional

Get to know and understand yourself. Whether you are a wife, mother, homeschooler, volunteer, or business owner, there are certain expectations (job descriptions, if you will) required of you.  Although the expectations may be well-founded, problems arise when you realize those expectations might not be what you’re all about.  For example: my children, now adults, were recently surprised to learn I do not enjoy cooking. They had no idea! Creating food that could win awards is not something I aspired to. But feeding my family nutritious meals and creating memories required cooking, so I was happy to do it. I was working toward the goal of building a family. Meals times are a big part of that.

Knowing who you really are is the beginning of staying true to yourself. You must discover what you do well and build on that base.  Every woman has been given strengths and talents unlike anyone else. Your strengths and talents fit perfectly with the life you get to live and the people you are doing life with. (more…)

Beautifully Broken

We are all beautifully broken through God's perfect plan for our lives. Christian living encouragement from ConnieAlbers.com

Such an odd title, isn’t it?  How can something be beautifully broken?  Broken: in pieces, not put together, and most importantly not perfect. The word broken conjures such sad, negative emotions. That is usually the case because we fail to see the beauty of how the Lord sees brokenness.

This is a vivid picture of life: we are not perfect.  We are never able to accomplish everything, or say just the right words, or love unconditionally. We are broken: crushed by past hurts, disappointments, unmet needs, sickness, and so on. (more…)