Homeschooling: Recipe for Success

The recipe for homeschooling success looks different for every family. Find your perfect recipe to make your homeschool journey a success.

Many homeschool moms struggle with the fear that only a certified teacher is “qualified” to execute the task of teaching their children. I have known many women who have educated their children quite successfully without having a teaching degree.  The three ingredients needed for success are simple: a desire to learn, a willingness to work, and the determination to stick with it.

Moms seem to forget just how many subjects are taught on a daily basis.  By this point, you’ve taught your child to eat, play, and speak without being a nutritionist, PE major, or speech pathologist.

To teach successfully you must have the commitment to learn.  At first, it may seem like you’re drinking from a fire hose; and that’s okay because you are! A good place to start is talking to other homeschool moms, visiting the library for relevant information, and getting connecting with homeschooling groups for support. They are all great resources which will get you on the right path. With all the new information and decisions you will be making, having a place to organize it will provide a sense of order, whether it is a physical notebook, Evernote, or whatever works for you. (more…)