They Still Call Mom

In a world full of devices and non-stop connecting…They still call Mom.


As our children age they still need Mom. Not mommy or mama, but simply Mom. Mom is a place of comfort and support. We are Moms for life.

One day you are wrapping your arms around your child to comfort them for a skinned elbow, or making them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or putting on a colorful Band-Aid that fixes anything.  Now, you are receiving late night texts from your young adult child asking for prayer about a heart-breaking relationship. It appears our older, wiser mentors were right when they said, “Challenges of parenting do not go away when the kids get older; they just get more complex.”

This is what I was told many times.

Now that my children are older I find myself echoing similar statements.

In my early years of parenting, when I passed up opportunities to be more involved outside the home, I questioned my decisions.

Invitations to sit on boards in the community or serve on committees at church were carefully considered so that I could have the  time, and energy to avail myself to training the hearts of my children and cultivating our relationships.  The early morning time readings, conversations and prayers, the talk-time in the cars on the way to co-ops and sporting events, the hanging out on the couch in the very late evenings because that’s when they liked to open up and share their deepest thoughts—all these cumulative moments and hours helped cultivate a heart in my children to maintain a relationship with me even now.

When they were younger, the focus was on teaching worldviews, Biblical truths, and basic life disciplines.  That focus continues but now with more emphasis on listening, encouraging and supporting.   It is a rich blessing, a high calling and a beautiful ministry.

These days when I receive phone calls and texts from my adult children asking for prayer and advice on life-altering decisions, it is a delight to be able to point them to the One who knows all things, see all things, and faithfully offers a plan for their lives.  It’s a mutual blessing.  Comfort offered.  Comfort received.  What an honor it is to bring my much loved children before the throne of God on their behalf and to plead for His mercy and blessing upon them. What a joy to know my children walk in truth and desire to please Him!  And, how blessed they are to rely on Him as they navigate through the challenging years of young adulthood. tyler copy

Do they do this perfectly? No. They are a work in progress. Just like me.

If you are a young parent, be encouraged and do not grow weary in doing good.  Someday you will look back and be so glad you made the investment in your kids.  They will love, honor, and respect you for it.  God-willing, they will desire an on-going relationship with you into adulthood.  And, more importantly, perhaps they will model the same relationships with their children that you did.  Older parents, take time to pause and thank the Lord your children still need you and your prayers.  Your ministry continues.

Pray for wisdom–for yourself as you counsel, then for them as they enter their new worlds and new relationships.   Pray for them to shine in this dark world.  Lastly, remember the many times they do *not* contact you–their needs are still there.  Pray continually.

We are made for relationships.   The Lord is faithful to provide eternal, manifold blessings when we cultivate those with our children.