Stay Engaged (PBTR Part 10) – ETB #124

Ever have that desire to jump into the car for a very long drive… ALONE? Or feel the need to take a long walk by yourself rather than deal with another teenage drama or toddler meltdown? As a mom of 5, I know the feeling. But, you can’t quit. Take a break, but remember it’s always too soon to quit. Your kids need you to stay engaged! Yes, even those teens who act like they don’t need you at times, they need you too!

Stay Engaged (PBTR Part 10) - ETB #124

This is episode ten of a series I’ve been doing on my book, Parenting Beyond the Rules. Friend, we are in a fight for our families and for relationships with our kids. You can’t check out mentally, emotionally, or physically. You don’t have the luxury of telling them to come back when they are 18 or 25.

How To Stay Engaged

Parenting is hard. You have to communicate with your kids. I talked about this in part seven of this series when we looked at how to listen to your child. Develop and use those skills to show your child that you’re listening to them.

Constantly ask yourself: Who do my kids need me to be? What do my kids need from me? They always need you to give unconditional love. They certainly need you to walk with them, giving wisdom and compassion along the way. They need you to be steadfast. This means being unwavering, devoted, committed, disciplined, perseverant, and diligent. Your kids need to be able to trust that you will be there for them.

Mending Broken Relationships

What if the relationship is broken with one of your kids? You can take steps to repair broken relationships with your kids. This comes through forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration. Don’t give up!

No End Date on Parenting

Some moms and dads act as if there’s an end date on this parenting gig. When the kids hit the golden age of 18, it’s over and the kids are now adults. The job is over. My husband and I have never had this mindset. We’ve instead had a more multigenerational mindset about parenting. We were open to having our parents living with us if they reached a point where they needed us to care for them. Our door is also open to any of our kids to come home if they fall on hard times. Our kids know that this is what it means to be Albers.

Time Flies

Parenting your children is a season that doesn’t last long. For me, it was motivating to think that I can only do this particular day once. When it’s over, it’s over. Remember that every single day, you have the opportunity to leave an imprint on your child’s heart. They will someday turn those imprints around as they parent your grandchildren.

Each child is unique. We’re not churning kids off an assembly line! You probably feel like there’s not enough of you to keep up with all of the demands, but stay engaged. Your kids need trust, respect, reliability, and care. If you don’t stand up and meet those needs, someone else will fill that void. You are raising kids who will step into the world and fulfill the assignment that God has given to them. Along the way, you are forging a relationship with your child that will stand the test of time.

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Stay Engaged (PBTR Part 10) - ETB #124