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Connie is passionate about equipping women in their calling. She helps them gain confidence to fully trust God’s leading in every area of their life. The sense of  freedom that comes from knowing you have been given strengths and talents to do amazing work provides the ability to rest and not worry about the future. Connie is a sought after speaker who delivers a presentation designed with the attendees needs in mind. They leave equipped and ready to go!

New! Beautifully Broken

Our lives are filled with brokenness, hurt and disappointment. Knowing how to pick up the pieces to create a beautiful life is the key. We will focus on principles that will help you identify, process and rebuild those areas in your life that are keeping you from moving forward. You are not broken beyond repair. God’s desire is for you to use life’s experiences to strengthen you.

New! Building a Family:  Your Life’s Greatest Work! Really?

Let’s face it. Being a mom in today’s culture is not exactly viewed as great work. In fact, it’s often looked down upon as something menial. The truth is, we have missed the real value of a mom. Connie Albers declares there is nothing you can do that will matter more than investing in your family. As a mother to five adult children, she offers truths from God’s Word that will reaffirm God’s calling on your role as a mom. Hear Connie share how you can overcome common pitfalls and comparison traps to finish well, building a close family that loves the Lord, each other, and the community.

New! Help for Mom-Preneurs.

The rise of Mom-Preneurs in the community requires moms to actively pursue a healthy balance between their career and family needs as they generate extra income. Mom-preneurs are not just getting their kids off to school but are responsible for teaching their children important life skills as well. As a work from home mother of five, business owner, and veteran homeschooler, Connie Albers discusses how to effectively delegate, set realistic goals, and seek work that fits your lifestyle.  During this presentation, she will share with you how to manage your schedule and evaluate your workload so your family runs smoothly.  Connie believes all moms are working moms, whether you are homeschooling, working or volunteering; the key is to listen your family, manage your time, and keep life organized.  Come glean insights from a mom who has lost the balance battle many times, but her resilient spirit, desire to finish well, while not shorting her family will help you in your mom-preneur journey.

Resilient and Resourceful 

Affording the homeschooling life takes resilience and resourcefulness. Tough times and financial short falls are common to homeschool families. Money doesn’t seem to go as far as it once did. Join Connie Albers, mother of five, as she covers areas of saving / making money, finding deals, recovering from setbacks, menu planning and affording curriculum.  This presentation is packed full of useful information to help you continue your homeschool journey without breaking the budget.

When Your Homeschooling / Parenting Journey Ends 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “all good things must come to an end”.  It’s hard to believe your season of homeschooling will one day end.  Your emotions may range from glee to sadness, and fear to confusion.  This presentation is designed for moms considering reentering the marketplace, but don’t want to work for minimum wage.  Several years ago Connie Albers completed her homeschool journey after 21 years.  She was uncertain about her new season of life. Fear that she had lost her marketability led her on a path of discovery.  This veteran homeschool mother of five will help you understand how to assess the value of your skills, identify your passion, evaluate your availability, and confidently pitch yourself to companies. You will leave with practical tips to help you redefine, reinvent and reenter the marketplace.

Time to Let Go

Fear, pain, abuse or a difficult childhood can wreak havoc your relationships if not worked through. It’s time to let it go and move on. We will talk about real steps you can take to get the freedom you desperately want. Once you reconciled your past you can enjoy the present.

The Power of Words

Leaders often don’t understand why their words are not heard and/or received.  Being an effective communicator is more about understanding what people hear rather than what you say.  As a leader, the health of your organization hinges on your ability to address the heart felt needs of your group intentionally and with clarity.  Professional communicator and brand builder, Connie Albers, shares strategies designed to engage your community so they really do hear what you say.  In this presentation, you will gain practical tips designed to build stronger relationships within your group.



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