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As a someone who has planned small one-day training conferences to large multi-day conventions as well as managed and booked speakers, I’ve learned the success of an event often hinges on the selection of speakers.  If I chose a speaker who could connect and relate to the needs of my audience the event was a success. But if I didn’t, my attendees left unmoved, uninspired and unwilling to return. As a speaker, it’s my job to understand the needs of your attendees and communicate in such a way they leave thanking you for the work you did on organizing the event.



As a speaker, I work with you to understand your objective as well as to speak to the needs of your attendees not to just prepare a message that I want to give but one that effects change.

My purpose in communicating is to cast vision, inspire, and provide practical applications that will move an audience to action, for personal, relational, or professional reasons.

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More about me

Over the past 30 years, I’ve developed a wide variety of speaking skills as a result of the roles I’ve served. I’ve intentionally honed my communication skills through media interviews, interviewing, conferences, working with dignitaries, and training presentations.

My initial training began in high school. This passion for communication led me to Walt Disney World where I went from tour guide to human resource trainer to spokesperson. This opportunity allowed me to share the Disney Magic with millions of people across the country. Upon leaving Walt Disney World I hired on with Estee Lauder. I loved teaching women how to create their own unique style and image.

After the birth of my first child, I stepped out of the marketplace to embark on a new journey, be a mom. A job I describe as my life’s greatest work. During this transition, I became a mom-preneur creating my own branding business which focused on helping women perfect their message, polish their performance and create their unique style. As the years unfolded I found myself mentoring other women, speaking, and planning and executing a wide range of events.

My parenting adventure led our family to homeschool, a journey which lasted 21 years. It did not take long for me to become passionate about equipping parents to teach and train their children, leading a community, and protecting homeschool laws through legislative action. I used my business and communication skills to team up with other leaders to run a state organization, run homeschool co-ops and create social media campaigns for large platforms. An unexpected  idea came from a desire to use my event planning background to start an event management business that ultimately led to running one of largest homeschool conferences in the country.

Audience size ranges from 10,000 to 50 people at live events to unlimited viewers and listener through TV appearances, interviews, radio programs, and podcasts. My focus is always the same, equip them with the confidence they need to continue on their journey.

What you can expect from me:

  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Provide practical information
  • Be available to speak with attendees
  • Make your job easier

My main focus is to equip and inspire others for their calling through my speaking, coaching, and writing.

My speaking topics

I speak at women’s conferences, retreats, leadership training, cooperate leadership meetings and homeschool events.

My most requested personal topics are related to motherhood, work life balance, understanding teens and homeschooling. In addition, professionally I speak on topics related to public speaking and contract negotiation, personal branding, building volunteer teams, strengths leadership, and effective communication. I’ve had the privilege of blending my career and life experiences into a life that equips others for their life’s purpose while discovering joyful resilience along the way.


My most requested topics:

Inspiration, Motivation, and Encouragement

Learn more about my Inspirational and Encouragement messages.

Homeschooling and Parenting

Learn more about my Homeschooling messages.

Leadership and Branding


If you have something else in mind I will work with you to customize a message designed to meet your organization’s specific needs. My goal is to help you.

Thank you for considering me for your next event. I look forward to working with you.


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Finish Well

What others say:

Connie is a professional in everything she does.  She has an amazing stage presence and presents very well.  When she talks, people listen.  She delivers her presentation on time and on point. She is an excellent speaker that attendees connect with easily.  She is approachable and easy to speak with. – Alice Pauquette, Director of Events & Special Projects for FPEA






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  1. Hi! My name is Mark St. Denis and I’m with the Southeast Homeschool Expo in Atlanta, GA. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the Expo, but our 2017 dates are July 28-29 (exhibitor setup on July 28) at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta/Marietta, GA.
    We would love to have you come speak to parents at the Homeschool Expo. The Expo workshop sessions are 1 hour in length and we can select a few of your sessions for you to present at the Homeschool Expo. That means you would speak several times over the course of the two days, July 28-29. The number of sessions you will present depends on the content of your sessions, availability, and other variables. However, we would love for you to speak a minimum of two times.

    If this opportunity interests you please reply back ASAP. We have consistently been one of the largest homeschooling events in the US. We average around 3,000 families annually at the Expo.
    We would love to hear from you!