Coaching and Consulting Services

Coaching and Consulting Services

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Coaching and Consulting Services

Connie Albers coaching and consulting business began as a result of being repeatedly asked, “How did you reach your goals?” Helping people reach their goals is my sweet spot. As an executive, I’ll help you map out a plan.

A 30-year veteran of public relations and communications, Connie Albers passion, is to help business owners, authors/speakers, and ministries build massive, highly-engaged audiences for their products, services, and messages.

As a sought-after consultant and corporate executive, Connie has worked with small to mid-sized companies in 15 different industries and is often brought in by well-known leaders to map out a plan for growth and identify talent to assist with achieving the desired objective. Her approaches to business building have been directly responsible for increasing revenue, membership and attendance, building large platforms, winning elections, generating over a million dollars of the first year increased annual revenues in the small business marketplace alone.

In addition to being available for employment in a communications and marketing management role, Connie is available for consulting projects ranging from full blown marketing plans or strategic messaging development to speaking and social media planning/training. For smaller businesses, a personalized coaching program often provides an ideal combination of expert guidance at an affordable investment.

Connie has worked in both the non-profit and for-profit market space and is eager to help you improve your brand and grow your business.


Speaking and Booking:

Discover your story

Become a speaker 

Pitch yourself

Get paid to speak

Negotiate better contracts



Build a strong team

Creating your brand 

Effective Leadership


Education, Family, Parenting, Teens, Budgets & Homeschooling:

Maintaining balance between life, work, and home

Build a strong family

Educating children

Manage and multitask

How to navigate all the seasons of life


Over the years I have worked with thousands of brands who, like you, needed a little help.

Many times we find ourselves in transition or in need of reinventing ourselves for personal or professional reasons. Sometimes all it takes is working with someone who can easily identify where you are and map out a plan to get you moving forward.


Stop trying to figure it all out by yourself. You need to hire a person who has done it and can show you how you can accomplish your goals too.

Simply fill out the form below and let’s get you started.

My coaching and consulting services are available for individual and corporate settings.

Topics, training, and conference presentations currently offered include:

Public Speaking: Effective presentations are more than creating an outline.  It is an art form.  Knowing your audience, constructing your message, effective delivery techniques and reaching and persuading your target audience for greater impact are critical.  These can be presentations at conferences, in person or by video analysis.

Personal Branding: Finding your voice, developing your message, creating your personal brand, taking control of all media coverage, and connecting with your audience are important for personal and business growth.  These can be a series of presentations for conferences, in-person, phone or Skype.

Leadership: Today’s leaders must become experts in understanding and relating with those they work with. This is more that taking a personality test. It requires understanding the value of soft skills v. hard skills. More and more companies are seeking people who have the ability to work with people not just execute a set of duties. While the resume may get you an interview, it’s your soft skills that ultimately get you the job.

Volunteerism: Understanding the power of volunteers, your strengths, and developing the right message helps build a stronger team which is essential for reaching and moving your target audience.  Together we can develop a comprehensive plan to help your organization reach more people by harnessing the power of your loyal audience.

Homeschool:  As a respected leader and trusted mom, I can help you map out a plan for your child that matches your teaching style and their learning style to create a memorable experience. Helping you understand the ins and outs of homeschooling from Kindergarten through High school and getting into college can have a positive impact as you educate your child.

Personalized: Together we can customize a plan that is just right for you or your company.

For fees or more information, please contact me via email. If you or your company is serious about making an impact simply fill out the form and someone from my team will contact you.

Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to working together.

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