How to Keep School Kids from Being at Risk – ETB #78

Are your school-aged kids at risk? How will this back-and-forth schooling impact our kids? First, the back-and-forth disrupts children’s rhythm and routine. They don’t know what to expect when things change from day to day. Some children can roll with the ebbs and flows with great ease, but the disruption throws them off for other children. So, what can you do as a parent to keep your kids from being at risk?

How to Keep School Kids from Being at Risk - ETB #78

Children thrive on routine and consistency. But, unfortunately, the back-and-forth of schools opening and closing can harm children, especially when parents must work full-time. But there are ways to help your children and their friends navigate the back-and-forth so they don’t get behind.

Supplemental work

Giving a child supplemental work can be helpful to reinforce skills previously taught. Elementary students will benefit from hands-on learning. Cooking, playing, and making crafts are fun ways to apply what they have learned. Middle and high school students can benefit from worksheets that help them practice math and English concepts.

Avoid Talking Negatively

It is wise to avoid talking negatively about what’s happening. Some children won’t react well and can get quite upset. By being careful of what we say in front of our children and what they hear from well-meaning adults, our children are more likely to stay calm.

Should Parents Hover?

It’s important for parents not to view their desire to help their children as hovering. Instead, think of it as helping your children make academic progress by coming alongside them. Parents can offer critical feedback as well as identify when a child starts to struggle.

Set Expectations

Setting expectations can help your children continue to make forward progress. But we do want to make sure those expectations are realistic. Look for progress that is commensurate with their ability. Try not to compare siblings or allow online educators to compare your child with others in the course.

Children do need to understand they are caught in the middle of this back-and-forth. Parents need to remember that children can get frustrated by not having a say in anything right now.

There are ways to incentivize our kids to stay on track so they aren’t at risk!

  • Be positive about their day. Kids need reassurance that it’s all going to be OK.
  • Monitor your environment. Children feed off their surrounding environment.
  • Tell your children the plans for the next day on the night before. You can talk about the next day at dinner or during bedtime.
  • Remind them in the morning of your conversation the previous night.
  • Keep some consistent routines. Wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed.
  • Give children a reason to follow your instructions. Kids love rewards.

Whether your children are being impacted directly, they can still get caught in the back-and-forth of what is happening and their education. However, your wise counsel and discerning spirit can keep your children from being at risk.

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How to Keep School Kids from Being at Risk - ETB #78