Looking Back on Homeschooling

I remember rising early before the kids, to exercise, study God’s Word, and pray over my day. I enjoyed that morning cup of coffee—or two—while reviewing my lesson plans, knowing the quiet would not last long. This was the calm before the storm. For when those little feet hit the floor, we would charge full steam ahead into our day.

Looking back on homeschool is a time of great reflection. Finish your journey strong and be proud of your job well done. Our children are our greatest assets. Christian motherhood encouragement from ConnieAlbers.com

Looking Back on Homeschooling

The Spanish moss is swaying gently from the trees as I write this afternoon. I’m sitting in my home, which was once so full of noise, busyness, and activity from homeschooling five children, and I see that what I did during those twenty-one years really mattered. You see, I’ve completed my homeschooling journey. So it is from this place that I share with you.

My house was once messy, with LEGOs, toys, books, and pencils scattered everywhere and laundry that was never “done” for more than an hour. Our days would begin early and end late. (How did we ever find the energy to maintain that pace?)

Now the floor needs vacuuming just once a week, the dishwasher runs maybe every three days, and the laundry baskets are mostly empty. I know, Mom, you can’t image that right now. How can you? You’re in the midst of raising your children.

You see all those Pinterest perfect crafts that never really turn out as nicely for you as they do in the picture. Everyone seems to have children who are thrilled to be homeschooled, love doing morning chores, and make their beds first thing. Maybe your days don’t look quite that way. At least mine never did. But that’s okay. For it was on some of our messiest days that the best teaching moments happened.

I know many homeschooling moms feel isolated, alone, and ready to quit. I understand. I did, too! Doing really important work is never easy. And raising and educating our children is really important.

Today my calendar is full of things I choose to schedule. No sports, dance, classes, or music lessons to shuttle kids to. My now-adult children organize and manage their own lives. I stand back and watch in awe and wonder, reflecting on what an amazing journey we took together. And my desire is for you to stand where I am one day, looking back and thinking what an amazing journey you had.

When you retire from homeschooling, it’s not like retiring from the workplace. It’s very different. In the workplace you interact with co-workers, people you spend time with and may even get to know very well. But they are not your family. They might be sad when you leave, or not. But when you retire as a homeschooler, it’s because you’ve completed your work.

Run your race today knowing how very important it is. Those little lives will one day draw from all that you have taught them. You will have given them the strength to hold on during trails, a compass with which to navigate the uncertainties of life, and the courage to be all that God has created them to be.

Stand firm and finish this day well, Mom!