Homeschool Growth is Surging

Welcome to this episode of Homeschool Growth is Surging. Today, I’ll explore the reasons behind the remarkable rise in homeschooling with a special guest – Jim Mason, who has witnessed this surge firsthand. As president of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association and father of seven, Jim and I will shed light on the factors driving more families to choose this educational path. So, get ready to delve into why parents choose to homeschool their children!

Homeschool Growth is Surging

Why Parents Homeschool

People often ask me why there is a sudden surge in homeschooling. While there are many reasons homeschooling is surging, below are some of the more common reasons:

Concern about school environment: Many parents are choosing to homeschool their children due to concerns about the school environment, including issues such as bullying, safety, or a lack of personalized attention.

Desire to provide moral instruction: A significant number of parents opt for homeschooling to have more control over the values and morals imparted to their children. They believe homeschooling provides an opportunity to instill their own beliefs and principles.

Dissatisfaction with academics and family values: Some families choose homeschooling because they feel dissatisfied with traditional schools’ academic standards or curriculum. Additionally, homeschooling allows families to prioritize and incorporate their own values and beliefs into their children’s education.

About Jim Mason

Jim Mason is a highly experienced attorney and advocate for homeschooling families. He has been an integral part of HSLDA’s litigation team since 2001, setting precedents that expand homeschooling freedom. Jim succeeded Mike Smith as President of HSLDA in August 2022. As a U.S. Navy veteran and Regent University School of Law graduate, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role.

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Homeschool Growth is Surging