The Importance of Easing Kids Back Into School – ETB #178

It’s that time of year again – the start of a new school year! Whether you’re a seasoned parent or you have a new kindergartener, the mixed feelings of nervousness, excitement, and anxiety are likely familiar. In this episode, we are going to talk about transitioning smoothly into a new school year and the importance of easing kids back into school.

The Importance of Easing Kids Back Into School - ETB #178

Let’s just first acknowledge now that there’s a bit of upheaval that happens at back-to-school time. Your kids are learning new things and adjusting to new schedules. Be mentally prepared for this.

Easing into the School Year

Here are my suggestions for ways of easing your kids back into school and setting them up for a great year:

Be sure to talk to your kids about any anxiety they may have.

This might be anxiety about the challenges of new things or it might be social challenges. Connect with your kids about how to process their emotions. Temper your expectations of your children, and yourself.

Be prepared and reduce stress by meal planning.

Having the groceries in the house and at least a rough plan of what you’re going to cook will make your days run more smoothly. Don’t forget to think about nutrition! Your child’s brain is developing rapidly and they need healthy fats and proteins in addition to good carbs. Set consistent meal times and set your day by working backward to make sure that meals happen on time and avoid children becoming hangry.

Help your kids develop good study habits and related routines.

Show them how to focus. Give them a space in which to study. Provide organizational systems and skills.

Include physical exercise and free play in your days.

Create margin in the schedule for these activities. Don’t give up this time in order to get other things done!

Create an atmosphere in your home that your children will want to remember.

An atmosphere of warmth, excitement, and enthusiasm is contagious. Write down the words you want your kids to use to describe your home after they’ve left your home as adults. Be and do the things needed to embody those words.

Remove distractions and provide the resources they need to be successful.

What is in the way of your child achieving their goals? Determine what is needed of you to reach those goals? What is keeping you from being available for your child?

Make It a Great Year

Every school year brings its own set of unique joys and excitements and challenges. I hope your children look back on this school year as a year of blessings and call it a great year!

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The Importance of Easing Kids Back Into School - ETB #178