Defending Young Minds with Kristen A. Jenson – ETB #170

I recently had the opportunity to meet up with Kristen A. Jenson to have a conversation about a topic that is extremely important in our world of expanding digital access: pornography. Kristen is the founder of Defend Young Minds and CEO of Glen Cove Press. She is an internationally acclaimed author and advocate for protecting young minds from the dangers of harmful media. Kristen is leading the charge in this area to make sure parents are equipped to protect and educate their children about these dangers. Parents, it’s time to start defending young minds!

Defending Young Minds with Kristen A. Jenson - ETB #170

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Listen in as Kristen and I discuss these topics surrounding defending young minds and protecting them from the harmful effects of pornography:

  • How Good Pictures, Bad Pictures came to be and Kristen’s discovery of the lack of resources on this topic
  • The importance of preparing children to face this issue
  • How introducing children to the topic of pornography, its effects, and offering a plan for safeguarding their minds empowers children and opens lines of communication with parents
  • The need for normalizing conversations about pornography so children who are struggling with porn addiction
  • Understanding that curiosity is a natural response
  • Practical tips for parents: See “How to Talk to Kids about Pornography” on the Defend Young Minds website.
  • Quelling parents’ concerns that talking about pornography will ignite curiosity in children

While we wish we didn’t have to have these conversations, it is critical to acknowledge the reality of the world we live in. You can work now to protect your children from the negative impacts of pornography and potentially save them from a world of heartache later. By initiating age-appropriate conversations and educating them using resources like those from Kristen and Defend Young Minds, you can start defending young minds of your children to recognize and reject pornography.

About Kristen A. Jenson

Kristen A. Jenson is the founder of Defend Young MindsTM (formerly Protect Young Minds®) and #1 best-selling author of the Good Pictures Bad Pictures series of read-aloud books, which have translations in 10 languages and are now augmented by a guidebook for professionals which supports child therapists and educators. She is also the executive producer of the Brain DefenseTM: Digital Safety curriculum—a powerful and engaging video-based course for families and educators.

Kristen is a positive voice for raising empowered, resilient, screen-smart kids who know how and why to reject pornography. She instills hope and confidence and leaves her audiences with pragmatic advice they can act on immediately to defend young minds.

Kristen is a mother of three and grandmother of two and currently lives with her husband and awfully cute dog in Washington State.

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Defending Young Minds with Kristen A. Jenson - ETB #170