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Looking Back on Homeschooling

I remember rising early before the kids, to exercise, study God’s Word, and pray over my day. I enjoyed that morning cup of coffee—or two—while reviewing my lesson plans, knowing the quiet would not last long. This was the calm before the storm. For when those little...

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Embracing Your Unique Homeschooling Journey

Embracing Your Unique Homeschooling Journey I’m talking over at about Embracing Your Unique Homeschooling Journey. Having completed our journey I can confidently say your family is not designed to be a mirror of someone else’s family. Let them...

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5 Secrets to Homeschooling with Success

 5 Secrets to Homeschooling with Success School is in full swing! For some of you bad attitudes, resistance and discouragement have already derailed your well thought out schedule. It’s okay. Those days do happen. Especially when you begin the new school year. By...

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Do Teens Really Have it Easy?

Do Teens Really Have it Easy? Statistics show parents tend to think their teens have life so easy.  I can see why some would; teens are often given cars, cell phones, computers, and a host of gadgets that connect these relationally driven young people to the world....

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Raising An Artist

Raising An Artist by Jeannie Albers Many of you know the struggle, the struggle with Raising an Artist. You have a child whom you’re concerned will struggle in school, they may have trouble focusing on lessons because they can’t help but stare out the window and...

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How to Talk With Your Teens & Not At Them

How to Talk With Your Teens & Not At Them Ever notice how we seem to talk at our teens, instead of with them? I know I’m guilty of it, and I’ve definitely seen this happen with other families too: a parent talking to their teen as they just stand there with their...

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Possible Is Not Impossible

Once, while swimming in the ocean, I could feel the current pulling my body towards the swell as a wave was building.  At the right moment, the wave was going to break and continue toward the shoreline.  Would we catch it or let it pass us by? This made me think about...

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Parental Bragging

It’s that time of year when we receive end of the year test results or portfolio reviews stating, in print, how our children are doing.  This means excitement for a job well done for some and anxiety for those whose kids did not do so well. One phase I hear often is,...

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Does “Home” + “School” = Freak?

Ever wonder what your kids would tell a college professor about their homeschooling journey? Well, I found out what my daughter had to say after she submitted this paper for her ENC 1101.31 class when she was just a freshman at the university she attended. October 10,...

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The Moment

It's always fun putting together a wedding: the excitement & anticipation of this day, the preparation, the nerves as the couple scurries about finalizing all the details. Then all at once the music begins; it’s time.  A sense of calmness overcomes the nerves....

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Unity Can Be Achieved

Why can’t we all just get along?  That's a question I’m sure we’ve all wrestled with time and time again.  Well, truth is, we can!  God provided the greatest model for us through is His Son, and when we take a look at how Christ lived and worked among the people you...

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Mentorship: How Important Is It?

Do you have a mentor?  Do you have someone that you are currently mentoring? People often ask me how important are mentors? My answer, very important. The concept of mentorship is nothing new.  Even though the titles have changed over time, the practice has been...

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